Bellydance/Mid-East CDs

Middle Eastern Rhythms for Practice

A collection of 11 popular Middle Eastern rhythms at various tempos with some jams thrown in for fun. Perfect for practicing with your drums, zills and dance drills.

Middle Eastern Rhythms for Practice

Me & Darbuka Dave! This album is chock full of Middle Eastern beats with doumbek, riq, frame drum and more. Drum along or get up and shake a tail feather.


I decided one day to record myself noodling on my new electric oud. The result... Noudles. Enjoy this collection of improvisations brought to you from my living room in New York City.

Djinn: The Silent D

Djinn's second release continues the modern tradition of Middle East meets Manhattan. The Cumbus, Hurdy Gurdy, Doumbek, Beatbox and electronics will give you happy dancing feet.

Djinn: The Middle East Side

Brooklyn's own "East Coast Tribal" style music ranging from traditional Middle Eastern to an experimental blending of traditional instruments with electronics and human beatbox.

Turkish Band Camp All Stars: Volume 1

A group of musicians who share a common enthusiasm and love for Turkish music. This album is comprised of beautiful songs that are perfect for dancing and listening.

Shake Em Up: Bellydance Drum Solos

Designed with dancers and drummers in mind, this CD has a variety of drum solos ranging from simple to complex. The 14 solos are all short in length and perfect for using in your routines.

Melissa and Carmine: Simplified Middle Eastern Songs for Learning and Practice Volume 1

No frills, no fills, no crazy drumming, only what you need to learn these great Middle Eastern tunes.

Melissa and Carmine: Simplified Middle Eastern Songs for Learning and Practice Volume 2

No frills, no fills, no crazy drumming, only what you need to learn these great Middle Eastern tunes.
Other CDs

Carmine T. Guida: Not Alone

This album is a personal victory for me. I have been a musician for along time, this is my first time writing my own music. All guitar instrumentals of me playing in my apartment in NYC. These songs are little themes and anthems. Brought on by emotions brought on by someone else...

Paige23: In Retrospect

This CD is full of popalicious tunes. The material for "In Retrospect" was composed by Paige over the past two years. The songs, especially the album's title track, exclaim the undeniable truth that hindsight is always 20-20 in life and in love.

Paige23: Let Yourself Fall

I have been playing bass guitar in this band since we met in 1999 on April Fools' Day. This CD is full of great pop/rock tunes with excellent songwriting by Paige (guitar/vocals), Angelo Catalano (drums), and Me :) on bass guitar. Let Yourself Fall was a featured album in Performing Songwriter Magazine.


A minimalist jumping game.
» Simple controls: Just tap to jump.
» Nice visuals.
» Chill music.


A programming/puzzle game.
» Great for your brain!
» 25 levels included for free (60 total)
» Create your own levels!


A crew space game.
» Fire torpedoes! Boost the shields! Engage the tractor beam!
» 5 roles Captain, Helm, Tactical, Engineering and Science.
» iPads, Desktop & Laptops can all play together.
Bellydance/Mid-East DVDs

Begintermediate Doumbek Workshop

Begintermediate Doumbek Workshop is the perfect DVD for those who know the basics and want to take the next step. You will learn your first embellishments, exercises for switching between rhythms, how to play the "pop" sound and also the finger roll. This video is the second in a series by workshop teacher Carmine T. Guida and was filmed live at one of his workshops to capture his teaching style and enthusiasm. You'll enjoy learning along with your fellow students.

Baby Beginner Doumbek Workshop

Learn beginner doumbek technique and traditional Middle Eastern rhythms with Carmine T. Guida. This instructional video breaks down the basic hits "Doum", "Tek", and "Ka" and introduces you to your first rhythms: Maqsum, Baladi, Saidi, Ayub and Çiftetelli. Filmed live in three different locations, this DVD captures Carmine's enthusiasm for teaching and his ability to make drumming accessible to everyone.