A modern blend of ancient party music with human beatbox, electronics, a taste of traditional middle eastern flavor, and a mouthful of NYC style.

We hope you enjoy listening and dancing to our music as much as we do playing it. Here are what some of our fans are saying:

"Provides inspiration for aspiring artists, musical or otherwise. Allows for stretching the imagination to the limit. Djinn - yeah, they are."

"Some of the songs in this album are so good they can actually induce orgasm. Brooklyn balady transports me to a past life... "

The Silent D


A modern blend of ancient party music with human beatbox, electronics, a taste of traditional middle eastern flavor, and a mouthful of NYC style.

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The Middle East Side


Brooklyn's own "East Coast Tribal" style music ranging from traditional Middle Eastern to an experimental blending of traditional instruments with electronics and human beatbox.

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We love performing live. Check out the video clips below of people dancing to songs from our cds and complete improvisations.

Djinn & Bellyqueen

Djinn & Hannah

Djinn & Ava

Djinn & Yasmine

Djinn & Sera

Djinn & Darshan

Pronounced ‘Jin’. In Arabic, a Djinn is a supernatural creature which occupies a parallel world to that of mankind, and together with humans and angels makes up the three sentient creations of Allah. Possessing free will, a djinn can be either good or evil.

Cümbüs, Oud

Carmine has been in love with Middle Eastern music for years: "I started playing melody so I could make these great songs happen anytime I wanted." Carmine's main instrument, the cümbüs (pronounced joom-bush) originates from Turkey and derives it's name for the Turkish word for fun and revelry.

Find out more about Carmine: www.carmine.com

Human Beatbox, Djembe

He is known to some as a producer, musician, and human beatboxer and to others as a director and animator. His mom knows him as 'punkin'.

Find out more about Pete: www.petelist.com

Doumbek, Riq, Electronics

Brad is an illustrator, designer and musician from Kalamazoo. He was originally introduced to Middle Eastern music and dance through his wife, Kaeshi, and his growth as a musician has exploded playing with Djinn. He's always game to try a new noise-maker so feel free to make a suggestion.

Find out more about Brad: www.bradmack.com


Born in Malaysia, violin wunderkind Fung Chern Hwei absorbed a large amount of musical information in his diverse surroundings. With his ability to improvise, trained orchestral skills, passion and curiosity for all kinds of music, he has played for many famous artists & projects. Hwei is also the first violinist of Sirius String Quartet.

Find out more about Hwei: http://www.myspace.com/fungchernhwei

Djinn Alumni and Special Guest Musicians

We have had the wonderful opportunity to perform with the following artists:

Djinn Alumni - Melissa "The Loud" Kacalanos - Hurdy Gurdy
More about Melissa: www.MelissaTheLoud.com

Djinn Alumni -Brian Carter - Doumbek
More about Brian: www.facebook.com/brian.t.carter

Contact Us

Email: carmine@carmine.com
Phone: 212-725-9635
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